Oh Precious Sleep!

If you are like me,- you always have taken sleep for granted. Sleep was never an issue. We now live in, however, a fast-paced world and sleep has become an issue for many. Or, I should say, lack of sleep. If you want to learn more about sleep stay tuned. I have been reading and researching the topic and will be posting regularly.

Fictional Renaissance

In my opinion the days of writing fiction for magazines is basically over, with a few exceptions. Overall magazine sales were down 11 percent for 2011. This makes sense when you think about it, as from what I’ve been reading, the day when an author could write a 500 page novel and find a publisher is a thing of the past, as the big publishing houses no longer see this format, as the success story it has been for many years. Let’s face it, the 500 page novel has seen much better days. We have been experiencing a non-fiction moment here in the United States.

Things seem to be improving a bit, but there are still a lot of readers who prefer non-fiction.  From what I can discern, the E-book is going to emerge as the format of success in today’s internet digital world, occupying the virgin territory between articles and hardcovers.